CRA 2013 winner - Cycling Champion

Larry Heyman

Larry Heyman is a true cycling champion. In his seven years with First Capital Connect he has been instrumental in delivering project after project aimed at improving all aspects of cycling across the network.

In July 2013 First Capital Connect were able to announce that St Albans City railway station has more cycle parking spaces than any other station in the UK, with a capacity of 1,150, made possible by the use of two tier racks. This tripled capacity at the station compared to when First Capital Connect took over the former Thameslink station in 2006.

This was a project driven by Larry. He successfully sought numerous funding sources in order to make the project a reality. Larry also delivered an innovative new scheme, in partnership with Cycle-Tech introducing on-site cycle repairs and servicing.

As well as tripling capacity at St Albans, First Capital Connect has seen an astronomical increase in the number of bicycle parking spaces across the network, rising to more than 110% since 2006 from 2,110 spaces to 4,458.

This has only been possible because Larry has applied a passion for cycling, combined with a certain level of bloody mindedness, to eke out extra spaces in every nook and cranny!

Again, Larry has been instrumental in sourcing funding for these projects, and secured £1.5m of funding from Local Authorities and the Department for Transport in order to make these alterations and complete building projects.

Larry’s contribution to funding is impressive, but he should also be p[raised for how he makes this funding possible Successful partnership working is only possible through creating positive relationships with a wide range of companies and organisations. Larry is an expert in partnership working – an inspirational speaker, tireless in his approach and he takes on every challenge with boundless enthusiasm. He is fair and committed whilst always seeking the best possible deal or funding.

Larry is described as a “modest man” , but no amount of modesty should prohibit him from taking pride in being a worthy recipient of the ‘Cycling Champion’ Award. His boundless commitment to promoting, and delivering, cycle services is inspirational.

Keith Jipps, Customer Service Director for First Capital Connect, said: “I truly believe that without Larry’s passion and commitment, we would not have seen the exciting transformation of cycling facilities across the route. Our customers who cycle can thank Larry for giving them the improvements they now have at their disposal”.

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