CRA 2014 winner - Door to Door Journeys including Station Travel Plans

Sustrans – Swindon’s Station Travel Plan

Swindon’s Station Travel Plan wins the ‘Door to Door Journeys’ cycle-rail award for significantly boosting the number of people accessing the station by sustainable modes. The Station Travel Plan has inspired an innovative community engagement programme and responds to the need for a clear strategy to shape Swindon Rail Station’s sustainable travel provision. The Station Travel Plan addresses peak-time traffic congestion, supports economic growth, improves poor infrastructure and addresses the need for enhanced facilities for cyclists. It offers a five year vision for station improvements and a focus on enabling seamless door-to-door travel by sustainable modes, covering everything from secure cycle parking facilities to personalised travel planning events.

Swindon’s Station Travel Plan is being delivered by Sustrans, First Great Western and Swindon Borough Council. The programme engages with various stakeholders including the local cycling community, health organisations, disability groups and transport service providers to generate a wholly inclusive plan with input from ten organisations. The focus is to integrate sustainable transport modes to and from the station and disregards more traditional solutions like building new roads and/or car parking facilities in favour of increased cycling, improved public transport, better off-street drop-off facilities and quality pedestrian routes between the station and key destinations.

Initiatives include personalised travel planning for commuters, cycle breakfasts and other promotional events. The Station Travel Plan’s primary objectives are to increase awareness of sustainable transport options and their benefits to give local residents and employees personalised information about their sustainable travel options. It looks to reduce single occupancy car travel and improve cycle parking and security at Swindon station too.

The project is well ahead of plan with new cycle parking in place, ongoing personalised travel planning conversations and more than half of the twelve action points either reached or well underway. The Station Travel Plan has been delivered on time and to budget thus far. To date, Sustrans has undertaken more than 1,200 user surveys, surpassing projected targets for public and stakeholder input. Key project highlights include the engagement of over 48,000 individuals via 18 workplaces, the production and distribution of 13,000 local travel maps and over 750 bespoke personalised journey plans. In addition, Swindon boasts a new secure cycle compound, 45 new cycle spaces and the legacy of a successful Swindon Bike to Work Day inspiring 11,000 participants.

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