CRA 2013 winner - Operator of the Year

South West Trains

South West Trains have made significant developments in relation to cycle-rail facilities in recent years, having appreciated the increased need for this service.

South West Trains have seen a significant increase in passengers parking their cycles at stations and taking their cycles on trains. The latest company statistics show that there are more than nine million annual cycle-rail journeys across the South West Trains network. This represents 25% of all cycle-rail journeys, double the number of their nearest competitor. These figures clearly demonstrate just how successful South West Trains are in promoting cycle-rail as a concept.

Key to this have been Stakeholder Manager Phil Dominey, and Development Manager, Malcolm Page. Their success has been achieved through a combinations of additional facilities, working in partnership with numerous organisations, constant innovation and a positive customer attitude. For example, the operator adopted a ‘how can we help’ approach to major cycling events such as Ride London and the Tour of Britain.

South West Trains have the highest number of cycle parking spaces of all the UK’s Train Operating Companies. In the last year South West Trains have increased spaces by more than 1,000, meaning the total number now stands at more than 9,000 spaces across the network.

South West Trains have now extended their number of cycle hire schemes to five – which includes a very impressive 100 Brompton cycles for hire at Waterloo alone.

South West Trains have complimented their infrastructure changes with behavioral change initiative, which aim to encourage consumers to re-think how they view cycle-rail. This has included security tagging schemes, better information on trains and at stations and demonstrating a positive approach to major cycle events. They have also worked with Local Authorities to improve cycle signage around stations and improve highway access to stations to encourage safety. South West Trains take their cycle policy very seriously and all staff receive cycle policy training.

For their overall approach, partnership working and investment, South West Trains are the 2013 Cycle-Rail Operator of the Year.

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