CRA 2012 winner - Partnership Working

East Midlands Trains and Councils

Partnership working is at the heart of most of the initiatives at East Midlands Trains. Various schemes with local authorities of the cities the TOC serves are evidence of how organisations across the EMT service understand the merit of collaboration to realise common goals through better facilities and improved integration.

Programmes demonstrating the strength of East Midlands Trains’ partnership working include the Nottingham Station Hub and Leicester Station has undergone a multi-million pound redevelopment which will soon see the installation of a Brompton Dock, the first at an EMT station.

In Derby, Network Rail and EMT have worked in partnership to redevelope the interface between the station and the city. The project known as Citiscape, due for completion in early December, features double the previous level of cycle parking provision at the front of the station, a new bus interchange, a public space and artwork to create a fitting gateway to a city that has been at the heart of British railways for generations.

The funding of these three major East Midlands redevelopment initiatives has seen the TOC work creatively and collaboratively.

In Leicester, collaborative working established how the provision of a Brompton Dock would sit within the overall sustainable transport plan for the city. And in Derby, East Midlands supported Derby Council by managing the impact of the wide-reaching Citiscape project on its customers as well as providing general contractor management.

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