CRA 2013 winner - Cycle-Rail Photograph (2)

Phil Dominey

This photo was taken at Waterloo Station, where 100 Brompton bicycles are available for hire. Commuters and leisure cyclists alike can now take to London’s streets in a whole new way.

This photo captures a sense of freedom. The commuter can now set him or herself up for the day with a ride before the e working day starts, and then unwind from a stressful day in the office with a cycle along South Bank, a refreshing change from battling the rush hour.

With an excellent use of light and framing, and a clever use of colour, the blue of the bike fuses seamlessly with the train, representing how they need not be two separate modes of transport. The train then blends with the sky, seen through the majestic skylights at Waterloo, demonstrating the true freedom of cycle-rail.

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