CRA 2013 winner - Station of the Year

Chelmsford, Greater Anglia

Facilities for cyclists at Chelmsford Station have been transformed by CyclePoint.

Greater Anglia have gone above and beyond expectations with this project, and have made dramatic improvements to the station.

Chelmsford Station is Greater Anglia’s first CyclePoint. CyclePoints are the flagship facilities within Greater Anglia’s Cycling Strategy. They combine secure cycle parking with retail, maintenance, advice and cycle hire, all within a single location managed by a commercial partner with a commitment to the promotion of cycling as a sustainable mode of transport.

On a practical level, cycle parking has been improved and brought together into a single co-ordinated area. Previously, haphazard parking was spread across a number of sites, which included areas in damp, dark and dirty railway arches, where conditions raised concerns about the safety of users and the security of storage.

This lack of parking led to cycles being ‘fly-parked’ wherever there was space, which caused obstruction to pedestrians and vehicles. The station looked cluttered and chaotic, negatively effecting passengers’ perception of the station.

The new CyclePoint has resolved these issues. It has also re-energised the station and has raised the profile of cycling in the area.

The facilities for cycle parking have now been brought together, as well as an increase in capacity of 50%. The company have also introduced three grades of parking. The ‘premium grade’ offers unprecedented levels of cycle security, including fingerprint recognition and airlock type access. Further advantage of the premium parking include insurance as part of the yearly fee, access to private toilets and changing facilities are cycle servicing by an in-house team.

This runs alongside compound cycle parking, which is accessed by a key fob, provided to registered users in exchange for a returnable deposit. There is also free outdoor parking for 660 cycles.

Local MP and Rail Minister Simon Burns, MP launched the new cycle facilities on 17 July 2013. The new facilities have answered the call for additional capacity and have been well received by users. Greater Anglia report that uptake has been very successful, with around 75% take up of facilities used from opening and with steady growth, plans are afoot to increase the parking to 1,100 spaces.

An innovative idea was having an on-site maintenance, sales and advice service through an established local company, Cycles UK. Already a known and trusted presence in Chelmsford the partnership between Greater Anglia and Cycles UK really gives customers a totally rounded cycle-rail experience.

From a place for time-strapped commuters to have their bike serviced whilst at work, to a place to buy a new inner tube, Chelmsford CyclePoint has met the needs of existing customers. It has also introduced the cycle-rail concept to a new audience who may not have considered it before.

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