CRA 2011 winner - Best Station Travel Plan for Cycling

Purley Station Travel Plan

The station has recently gone through a large regeneration programme, included becoming step free with installation of lifts to all platforms. Before this project, Purley had parking provision for 10 cycles. With an annual footfall of nearly three million passengers and recommendations from the Station Travel Plan centred on improvements to cycling, signage and access, a business case was evident for improvements to the whole passenger experience.

The Station Travel Plan consulted widely with stakeholders and key recommendations included:

  • Increase the provision of cycle parking and improvement of current provision
  • Improve signage to local destinations
  • Promotional campaigns linked to the cost, convenience and speed of using walk and cycle modes
  • Improve the pedestrian link to the High Street with additional lighting and surveillance (CCTV)
  • Propose the need to improve gyratory system for cyclists to the council
  • Improve security at station through CCTV provision

Following these recommendations, the aim of the project was to make access to the station easier. By redesigning the layout of the forecourt to better accommodate all modes of transport, passengers would have improved travel options available to them. The project also went hand in hand with the council’s regeneration of the roads and pathways in the area.

Improved cycle parking was a priority in this regeneration scheme. With only 10 spaces available for cycle parking at the front the station, the forecourt regeneration scheme was a key opportunity to improve facilities at the station. The new cycle area was designed to increase cycle parking availability by 600%, from 10 to 60 spaces. To fit in with the station environment, a modern stainless steel and glass structure was chosen providing space, light and weather cover. In addition to increasing the number of cycle spaces, Southern ensured that the new facility was adequately lit by energy efficient lighting and covered by CCTV.

To complement the structural changes to the station forecourt, £10,000 was invested in signage across the station. The Station Travel Plan identified that way-finding signage was poor and that access around the station could be substantially improved through introducing key location signage. The result was upgraded station signage with a new welcome and local information sign placed at the front of the station.

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