CRA 2012 winner - Best Station Travel Plan for Cycling


When awarding the Best Station Travel Plan, our judges felt Colchester demonstrated an excellent link with wider transport needs and the local community. Evidence of success is extremely strong and will set the blueprint for successful Cycle-Rail schemes across the Greater Anglia network and possibly beyond.

The Colchester Travel Plan is one of 24 national pilots that commenced in 2008. Colchester was chosen because of its sheer scope for improvement in a range of sustainable access modes – particularly for cycling. The project has seen a consistent emphasis on cycling, with activities ranging from new cycle stands to improvements in bicycle routes into the station as well as awareness campaigns and events. As result, at least 50% more people now use bikes compared to in 2008.

Throughout the project, the team at Colchester was determined to expand on the basic methodology developed for station travel plan pilots and use it specifically for cycling. This was boosted by Colchester achieving Cycle Town status with an accompanying funding package. This demonstrates how station travel plans can be successfully coordinated with other programmes and funding sources.

The project has proved to be complex – in part because of the extent to which the main station travel planning has been combined with Colchester’s innovative and wide-ranging Cycle Towns development programme. To date, Colchester has delivered on several measures. Parking capacity has been doubled, via a mix of two-tier racks and Sheffield stands and it’s home to the first secure cycle parking compound in East Anglia, situated under the main car park deck with key-fob access for up to 200 registered users. Cycle surgeries have been held with British Transport Police and a local cycle retailer and leaflets issued explaining the health, environmental and economic benefits of cycling. Flyers showing key routes from residential areas into the station have also been distributed, and the Colchester Cycle network has seen physical improvements, including access from Highwoods and New Braiswick Park.

Cycle parking availability at Colchester station is now 50% greater, with plans to boost this even further. Use of the secure compound is now at 75% capacity with 150 users registered and cycle crime has been reduced by a third. Lessons learned at Colchester are now being applied to other stations across Essex and the rest of the GA network including new secure compound parking at Southend Victoria, Billericay, Kelvedon and Waltham Cross

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