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Updated – 4 February 2020

Customer Charter

This page contains the sections on:

Section 1: What we do and when we will do it

The Rail Staff Travel team will do their best to answer your enquiry. At certain times of the year our workload is heavy, and it can take a few days to respond to emails and letters.

We aim answer your emails within a week, unless we are in the middle of a major renewal when our response times may be longer. Our major renewal periods are March and June. During these times it may take us longer than a week to answer your email.

We will order replacement cards on the day the replacement fee is paid providing payment is made by 15.00 hrs. If you call and pay after this time, the last post has been missed and your card will be sent out the next working day.

We aim to process requests for cards for new family members within 3 weeks of you providing all the necessary information. It may take longer if we need more information or if there is a query on eligibility.

We aim to process requests from employers for new starters within two weeks and requests for leavers and changes within three weeks.

To maintain the quality of our service, we occasionally have training days on which we cannot offer a phone service. We will advertise this on the website, so you are aware. We are generally closed for calls between 10.15 hrs and 11.00 hrs each Wednesday morning.

You can trust us to:

  • do what we say we will do
  • be helpful, polite, and treat you fairly and with respect
  • try to understand your circumstances
  • follow processes correctly
  • tell you what to do next if you are not satisfied with how you have been treated
  • protect your personal information (our Privacy Notice tells you more)
  • investigate all reports of fraud

Getting it right

We will:

  • provide you with the correct decision or information
  • explain things clearly if the outcome is not what you had hoped for
  • say sorry and put it right if we make a mistake and we are able to do so
  • use your feedback to improve how we do things

Keeping you informed

We will:

  • deal with your request the first time you contact us, or as soon as we can, as long as you have provided enough information for us to do so
  • tell you what will happen next, and by when, if appropriate
  • keep you updated of progress

In return, we need you to:

  • give us the correct information at the right time
  • tell us when something changes that affects you or your family members and your or they are no longer eligible for rail staff travel benefits
  • treat our staff with respect

We understand that sometimes you may feel angry, frustrated or upset. Our staff will do their best to help you with the issue that is causing you concern. We welcome polite constructive criticism of our service or the information we provide however, we will not allow our staff at any point to be abused, either by phone, letter or email.

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Section 2: Action we will take if you are abusive to our staff

Our staff will end a phone call if they are subjected to threats or intimidation, or if you are rude (including making insulting, nasty or abusive remarks), swearing or foul language, not being able to back up any criticisms with evidence, saying things deliberately to cause offence or using sexist, racist, homophobic, and other discriminatory language.

Where abuse is directed towards the Rail Staff Travel team by an employee, then we will report that to their employer to be dealt with under the employers’ disciplinary procedure.

We will only respond to letters and emails where the sender clearly identifies themselves and we can match it to a Rail Staff Travel record.

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Section 3: What to do if you are unhappy with the service provided

If you are unhappy with the service given to you by a member of the Rail Staff Travel team, then you should ask to speak to a senior manager in Rail Staff Travel.

Alternatively you can put your complaint in writing to the Head of Rail Staff Travel, PO Box 72071, London EC1P 1JD or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and mark it for the attention of the Head of Rail Staff Travel.

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Updated - 22 May 2018

Rail Staff Travel - Privacy Section

RST are committed to protecting and maintaining the security of your personal information. In these pages we explain how we ensure that your privacy is respected and protected.

We need to collect your personal information so that we can provide you with rail staff travel facilities for you and your eligible family member and to carry out our statutory functions. In these pages, we outline our obligations and your rights under current Data Protection Legislation, which regulates the use of personal information by all private and public sector organisations.

RST Pages of RDG Website

RST's privacy section explains:

  • What information that we receive and maintain about you
  • How we use the information collected
  • How we protect the information that we receive and maintain about you

RST Privacy Policy

The pages that describe our Privacy Policies are:

Third Party Sites

RST's web pages contain links to sites owned and operated by third parties. They have their own privacy policies, and we urge you to review them before browsing those sites. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for the privacy practices of such third-party websites and your use of such websites is at your own risk.

Travel on TfL

Updated – 1 December 2020

This page sets out how and where you can use your national Rail Staff Travel facilities on the Transport for London (TfL) services, specifically London Underground (LU) and the Docklands Light Railway (DLR).


Although operated under the TfL brand, London Overground and TfL Rail (and the soon-to-be introduced Elizabeth Line) are part of the National Rail network for the purposes of staff travel. Likewise TOC services on dual availability routes are also included as a part of the National Rail network. For the avoidance of doubt, however LU and DLR services operated on dual availability routes are not part of the National Rail network.Safeguarded staff that have a Staff Travel Card may be able to travel at a reduced rate on London Underground and Docklands Light Railway (DLR) services.

Travel by Non-Safeguarded Staff and their Dependants using a Rail Staff Leisure Card

The Rail Staff Leisure Card does not permit travel on any TfL services, including LU and DLR services other than the exceptions below:

  • It can be used for free leisure travel on Tramlink services. You need to show your Rail Staff Leisure Card and, where appropriate, your photo ID card.
  • It can be used for cross-London leisure journeys where the National Rail Privilege rate through ticket allows for the transfer on London Underground between London mainline terminals. The ticket will have a Cross London marker (+) printed on it. However, you may not exit the Underground system at any station in between those terminals.

Travel by Safeguarded Staff and their Dependants using a Staff Travel Card

Safeguarded staff who have a Staff Travel Card may be able to travel at a reduced rate on LU and DLR services, as follows:

  • Free leisure travel on dual availability routes only, by dating a box
  • Privilege rate leisure travel on LU/DLR services by using an Oyster card with the Privilege discount set on it
  • Privilege rate leisure travel on LU singles and returns (available only from National Rail Ticket Offices using the Staff Travel Card)

Paper tickets are always more expensive than the pay as you go fare and cannot be bought at London Underground or DLR stations. Pay as you go fares are always cheaper than cash fares.

The benefit of an Oyster card is that you just touch in and out. You can even top up online or at TVMs at LUL stations - see for more information.

You can also use your Staff Travel Card for free leisure travel on Tramlink services. There is no need to date a box, just show your Staff Travel Card and, where appropriate, your photo ID card.

If the Staff Travel Card has Endorsement 9, 10 or 11 on the front of the card, then you are not eligible for Free or Privilege rate travel on LU/DLR services. 

Travel by Safeguarded Staff and their Dependants (aged over 18) using a Privilege Oyster card (Oyster card with the Privilege discount set on it)

To get the Privilege rate discount set on Oyster, you need to get an Oyster card and then complete a TfL Privilege Oyster Application (XX19) and submit it to RST.

Once authorised by RST, take the form together with your Staff Travel Card and Oyster card to a London Underground station, where a member of staff in the booking hall can set the Privilege rate discount on your Oyster card. You will need to ask the TfL staff to set the ‘Priv All Rail’ discount for staff and child dependants and ‘Priv All Rail N’ discount for spouses/partners.

The discount expiry date will match that on your Staff Travel Card. When you get a new Staff Travel Card you will need to update the Privilege discount on your Oyster card. Just take your new Staff Travel Card to a LU station and ask staff to update the ‘Priv All Rail’ discount. You do not need to contact Rail Staff Travel each year.

If you don’t update the discount each year, once the discount expires, you will be charged the full pay as you go fare instead of the Privilege rate fare.

You can still buy single Privilege rate cash fares for travel on LU services at National Rail stations, but these fares are more expensive than pay as you go fares. If you’re buying a ticket for travel between two stations across Zone 1, for example, you should ask for a London Terminals to Zone U1* London ticket.

You cannot buy paper tickets for travel on the DLR.

Travel by Safeguarded Dependants (aged under 18) using a Privilege Oysterard (Oyster card with the Privilege discount set on it)

The process is the same as for a Staff member or Dependant over 18 except that your child will need a Zip Oyster Photocard. Find out more information about a Zip Oyster photocard.

Children usually need a Zip Oyster Photocard, as follows:

  • 0-4 years - Free travel, no card needed
  • 5-10 years travelling with an adult - Free travel, no card needed
  • 5-10 years travelling alone - Zip Oyster Photocard
  • 11-15 years - Zip Oyster Photocard
  • 16-17 years - Zip Oyster Photocard
  • Young people aged 18 may be eligible for a 16+ Zip Oyster photocard. Check for eligibility.

Once your TfL Privilege Oyster Application has been authorised by RST, take it and your child’s existing Staff Travel Card and their Zip Oyster Photocard to a London Underground station. Ask staff to set the ‘Priv All Rail’ discount on the Zip Oyster photocard. Your child can travel at Privilege rate for educational purposes as well as leisure purposes, meaning you don’t need to buy a child Privilege rate season ticket.

If your child doesn’t have a Zip Oyster photocard then you can still get the discount set on a standard Oyster card.

How to use your Privilege Oyster card (Oyster card with the Privilege discount set on it)

Always touch in on the yellow card reader at the start and touch out at the end of your journey to pay the right fare. Readers are located at station ticket gates, platforms and entrances and exits. If the gates are already open, you must still touch in and out as normal. If you don't, then the maximum fare will be taken and you may be liable for a penalty fare or prosecution.

You can use your Oyster card to travel on TfL bus services - you only need to touch in when boarding the bus. However there is no Privilege rate available on buses – your journey will be charged at the standard pay as you go fare.

Remember always to carry your Staff Travel Card with you when using the Privilege Oyster card, as proof of eligibility.

How to get a Privilege Rate Season Ticket on your Oyster card

Employee holders of a Staff Travel Card valid for travel on LU and DLR services can apply for a residential Privilege season ticket for travelling to and from their place of work from their permanent home address. This season ticket will cover travel on National Rail and LU and DLR services.

Before you can buy a Privilege rate season ticket, you will need to get the ‘Priv All Rail’ discount set on your Oyster card. You must then complete a Season Ticket application form and send it to RST. Once approved, RST will send you the authorised Privilege Season Ticket form. You will then be able to buy your zonal Privilege Season Ticket from ticket machines at London Underground stations.

For you to be able to buy the Privilege Season ticket yourself, the expiry date of the All Rail discount must be after the expiry date of your Privilege Season ticket.

If it’s not and the Privilege Season ticket expires after the ‘Priv All Rail’ discount expires, then you will need a member of LU staff to extend the expiry date of your ‘Priv All Rail’ discount before you can buy the Privilege rate season ticket.


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