Network Performance Board

NPB Independent Chair: Jake Kelly
RDG Lead: Daniel Mann, Director of Industry Operations
Network Rail Lead: TBA


The purpose of the NPB is to drive a programme to improve rail network performance and thus improve customer satisfaction with rail services. The NPB will be impartial and objective, owning the industry performance narrative. Through its authoritative and expert resources and activities NPB will enhance industry performance delivery at a network level by:

  • the clear articulation of performance outputs and causes;
  • the identification and assurance of management of network performance risks;
  • the creation of good practice and implementation support for Duty Holders;
  • providing leadership and enabling the implementation of performance improvement actions.

The NPB has authority to implement and alter the activities and arrangements of its Steering Groups, and will review its purpose, objectives, working methods and the terms of reference annually.


The NPB membership represents each Route and key stakeholders comprising:

  • A Duty Holder from each Region (expected to be MD appointments) providing a breadth of NR and TOC experience
  • A National Duty Holder to ensure freight and open access is represented
  • Executive Member(s) representing NR and RDG and responsible for the delivery of the activities


Observers without voting rights are entitled to attend each meeting to represent funders (DfT/TS) and regulator/s (ORR).


The agenda will include (as a minimum):

  • Status of actions from previous meetings
  • Industry KPIs – a suite of lead and lag indicators of performance
  • Activity undertaken to champion performance improvement. (workshops, visits, audits, attendance/support at launch of initiatives, stretch targets set, regular discussions in place, helped to unblock etc.)
  • Identification and assessment of emerging risk
  • Steering Group progress reports
  • Topic papers
  • Approvals and endorsements
  • Forward agenda

Reporting Lines

The NPB provides Ministerial oversight of network performance through the Rail Minister’s Reliability Group.

The NPB will oversee the work of thematic Steering Groups including: Operational Planning Strategy Group, Industry Timetable Assurance PMO Steering Group, Fleet Challenge Steering Group, Seasonal Challenge Strategy Group, Better Operations Programme Board and PIMS Governance Board.

If you require further information on NPB, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Network Performance Portfolio Manager, Rail Delivery Group.


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