Industry planning activities

Much of the rail industry’s planning for enhancements to the network is facilitated by Network Rail as part of the Long-Term Planning Process (LTPP) to develop strategic proposals for the rail network through analysis and consultation with a wide range of stakeholders.

This is done to inform decisions on long term plans, made primarily by governments.

More information about the process can be found on Network Rail's website. This is done as part of Network Rail’s obligation in its network license in relation to the long term planning process.

Network Rail has published its Service Delivery Plan 2019-2024 in February 2018.

Its plan for CP6 focuses on four key responsibilities - to run a safe, reliable, efficient and growing railway, and includes targets related to each.

Network Rail has recently made it easier to invest in the railway through its Open for Business Programme, which is designed to make it easier to get involved, work with and invest in Network Rail. Network Rail is looking for investment from other organisations – both public and private – to upgrade the railway where it will benefit them.

Industry working groups

Planning Oversight Group (POG) is supported by, and works alongside, a range of other industry working groups designed to fulfil various objectives:

Groups charted to POG

  • Technical Leadership Group – responsible for formulating the Rail Technical Strategy (RTS), originally published in 2012 and followed by an updated delivery framework in the RTS Capability Delivery Plan, published in February 2017.
  • Rolling Stock Strategy Steering Group (RSSSG) – key output of this group is the Long Term Passenger Rolling Stock Strategy for the rail industry. A key output of the strategy is a series of forecasts of the numbers of passenger vehicles expected to be required across each sector by traction type.
  • Depot and Stabling Steering Group – a subgroup of RSSSG which considers the implications of the rolling stock strategy on depot and stabling facilities
  • Stations Strategy Group – provides industry leadership on issues associated with stations. Produced the RDG Vision for Stations in October 2015. The Vision positions stations as inclusive and welcoming, and identifies three enablers for their success - people, technology and community. The framework for the development and implementation of interventions at stations continues to evolve, and the completion of a Station Sustainability Framework, sponsored by RSSB, has been a further significant activity.
  • Sustainable Development Steering Group – endorsed the Rail Industry Sustainable Development Principles, which define the strategic vision of a sustainable industry, with the objective that they are embedded in all industry organisations, activities and operations.

Rail Freight Board also works alongside POG, providing strategic direction to the rail freight sector, whilst promoting its benefits to the UK economy.


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