Industry planning activities

Much of the rail industry’s planning for enhancements to the network is facilitated by Network Rail as part of the Long-Term Planning Process (LTPP) to develop strategic proposals for the rail network through analysis and consultation with a wide range of stakeholders.

This is done to inform decisions on long term plans, made primarily by governments.

More information about the process can be found on Network Rail's website. This is done as part of Network Rail’s obligation in its network license in relation to the long term planning process.

Network Rail published its Service Delivery Plan 2019-2024 in February 2018. This plan for Control Period 6 (CP6) focuses on four key responsibilities - to run a safe, reliable, efficient and growing railway, and includes targets related to each. There is more detail in these documents:

Network Rail has recently made it easier to invest in the railway through its Open for Business Programme, which is designed to make it easier work with and invest in Network Rail. Network Rail is looking for investment from other organisations – both public and private – to upgrade the railway where it will benefit them.

Industry working groups

Planning Oversight Group (POG) is supported by, and works alongside, a range of other industry working groups designed to fulfil various objectives. Find out more.


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