Britain's future, Britain's railway

Britain's future, Britain's railway In February 2015, we published an ambitious blueprint for better services, journeys and value on the nation’s railway.

‘Britain’s Future, Britain’s Railway’ sets out how we plan to deliver a better network for passengers, freight customers and the country by working even more closely together and with UK, Welsh and Scottish Governments, local authorities and other stakeholders to meet the challenges we face.

Rail plays a vital role in keeping Britain competitive in a global economy and the industry has already seen significant success. After two decades of growth in people and goods travelling by train, our nation leads the way on rail in Europe. Satisfaction amongst passengers is higher here than in other European countries on a number of counts including punctuality, frequency of services and the provision of information to passengers.

But there is much more to do.

Too often, we are not keeping our promise to passengers on punctuality. We trail other sectors in how we sell tickets. And passengers are rightly expecting the railway to keep up with the technological changes they see in other areas of their daily lives.

In this short booklet, we set out a range of existing commitments and other potential changes to make the railway better for users and funders. A pull-out section in the centre contains details of the specific improvements passengers can expect to see in their area.


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