How we compare to Europe

  • Passengers rate Britain’s railway as the best major network in Europe, according to a survey of 26,000 people published by the European Commission.
  • Between 1998 and 2011, journeys per head of population increased by 53% in the UK compared to 22% growth in France and 16% growth in Germany and dipped in the Netherlands. 

Better stations

  • Over 140 platforms have been lengthened across London and the South East allowing longer trains and more seats for passengers.
  • Under the Access For All scheme, £370 million is being spent on making 154 of the busiest stations more accessible by 2015, including lifts, accessible toilets and reducing gaps between train and platform. More than 1,000 stations have already received grants for smaller scale access improvements under the programme.

Better passenger information

  • Many train companies and National Rail Enquiries offer smartphone apps and text alerts to keep you informed about your journey as well as issuing Twitter updates to over a million followers.
  • 2,600 ticket machines are now in use at stations across the country and their use has almost doubled over the past five years as the rail industry continues to work hard to offer passengers more ways to buy more conveniently.

Benefitting Britain

  • Passenger rail services performed with markedly more resilience during the most recent economic downturn than in previous recessions with journeys increasing by 5% while the economy shrunk by around 6%. In previous recessions rail journeys dipped further than GDP or effectively stopped growing.
  • Each year, the five major freight operators transport goods worth over £30billion.

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