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This page contains details of our sponsors for 2017.

At Cyclepods, we care passionately about bikes and cyclists. Our complete focus is on helping cyclists feel more confident that their bikes are being held securely, and safely, in locations which fit with their travel and commuting plans.

Year on year since inception we have developed, designed & manufactured innovative cycle storage solutions that are designed to save 50% less space than conventional stands whilst preventing overcrowding and damage to bikes and ensuring maximum security. Since 2005 we have installed over 115,000 bike and scooter spaces across the UK, with 12,000 cycle spaces in the UK rail sector alone.

In recent years Cyclepods have taken bike storage in Rail to the next level with our state-of-the-art Cycle Hubs –the latest development in high volume bike storage facilities. We design and build our own Cycle Hub buildings from carefully selected materials, with a modular and configurable design that can be adapted for different sites and requirements.

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Every fortnight, Passenger Transport brings you unrivalled coverage of your sector. Frequent and dependable, just like all the best bus, rail and tram services. A regular departure on the route to news, comment and analysis - a vital link for professionals and decision-makers.

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TransPennine Express is an intercity rail provider with a vision to Take the North Further. We will deliver an investment of over £500m in the next three years that will transform travel and customer experience across the North and into Scotland. Between 2018 and 2020 we will introduce 220 brand new state of the art carriages, will provide new routes and services and will increase capacity by over 80 per cent on a seven day a week timetable. We’re also making it easier to access our services and stations. By March 2018 we’ll have doubled our cycle parking capacity at our stations, and developed Station Travel Plans for all 19 of our managed stations, aligned to our FirstGroup values to provide solutions for an increasingly congested world… keeping people moving and communities prospering.

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Virgin Trains logo Travel with Virgin Trains and you'll arrive refreshed, relaxed and ready for anything. With almost 20 years experience in the rail industry, we know our stuff and are always working to make things even better for you. As a proud sponsor of the Cycle Rail Awards 2015, if your trip starts on two wheels we've got you covered. We're building brand new Bike Hubs at some of our stations to keep your ride and joy safe. So, whatever your destination, jump on your bike or straight onto our trains and you'll be bound for glory.

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