New Employee Residential/Season Ticket Application

Please complete all relevant fields and submit at least 7 days in advance.
RST will issue passes or a season ticket approval for you according to your eligibility, status and requirements.
The season ticket will be issued exactly as defined on the form including start and end date. If something different is required, you must let RST know immediately and a new form will need to be sent.

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Employee Details
Residential/Season Ticket Requested*

Please complete the journey details and reason for the application in this section.


  • Requests can be for a minimum of a month and a maximum of a year
  • Non-Safeguarded (NSG) staff are NOT eligible for ANY travel on ANY LUL or DLR services
  • Safeguarded (SG) staff eligible for a Residential Pass will be issued with one if eligible
  • The criteria for residential travel is for travel from your normal place of residence to your normal place of employment. Only one place of employment may be nominated by the employer.
  • The application will be rejected if the journey does not meet the criteria.
  • In the 'From' field you should enter the station nearest to your home address. If this is not the case, please explain why in the notes field below.
  • In the 'To' field you should enter the station nearest to your work address.
  • If your journey does not match the details we have for you, there will be a delay in approving your application whilst Rail Staff Travel validates your work location with your employer or confirms your home address.