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Employee details
Dependant New Name and Documentary Proof of Change
Dependant Former Name
Dependant Passport Name (Only complete if different from Dependant's New Details)

Additional Information
  • Any documents supplied that are not in English must be accompanied by an official translation
  • All cards and passes must either be cut up into four and an image emailed to or be returned to RST (by "signed for" delivery) - to Rail Staff Travel, PO Box 72071, LONDON EC1P 1JD - for reissue in your new name
    • International travel: your dependant's FIP card must match their passport name, so only email us a photo of the cut up card or send this for updating if they are also changing their passport
    • Leisure travel: please email a photo of any passes cut into 4 with the name and numbers clearly showing to enable reissue in their new name.