Dependant Flexi Season Ticket Application

A Flexi Season is a smart product that allows eight days’ worth of travel between two stations to be used within 28 days. Your dependant will need a customer smartcard to be able to get one so please check how to get a smartcard from the TOC they are travelling on before making this application. Flexi Seasons are only available as an adult product so if your dependant is under 16 they are not eligible for a Flexi Season. Please complete all relevant fields and submit at least 7 days in advance.
RST will issue a Flexi Season ticket authorisation from for your Dependant if all details are correct.
The Flexi Season ticket will be issued exactly as defined on the form. If something different is required, you must let RST know immediately and a new form will need to be sent.

* - Mandatory Field
Employee Details
Dependant Details
Flexi Season Ticket Requested*

Please complete the journey details and reason for the application in this section.


  • Requests can be made for any journey that is available as a Flexi Season Ticket. You should check the Flexi Season Ticket calculator before applying. This is available in our FAQs at
  • You will need to apply using this form each time you need a new Flexi Season.
  • Flexi Seasons are not available for journeys wholly within the London Fare Zones Area.
  • Flexi Seasons are generally only valid for travel in England. No Flexi Seasons can be approved for rail journeys entirely within the Scotrail network, the Transport for Wales network or the Merseyrail travel area. They are not available in on London Underground or DLR services.
  • They are available in Standard Class only.

Notes On Completion of this Form

  • Based upon the reason for the application, the following additional information must be supplied to RST before eligibility to the journey can be considered:
    • School - please complete the School Name in the "Name of School/College/Uni" field.
       If your Dependant is 16 years or under then they are not eligible. Please apply on form xx31.
    • Full-Time College/University - please complete the College or University Name in the "Name of School/College/Uni" field.
       You will also need to attach proof of enrolment to this application.
    • Full-Time Advanced Educational Establishment - please complete the Education Establishment Name in the "Name of School/College/Uni" field.
       You will also need to attach proof of enrolment to this application.
  • RST may require further supporting documentation to establish eligibility.