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Employee details
Reason for Replacement
EVIDENCE SUPPLIED* The relevant evidence must be supplied to allow a replacement to be issued

Stolen - For stolen cards a crime number must be included.

Faulty - For faulty cards a clear colour image (front and back) of the card must be attached. If the photo of the faulty card shows visible damage please complete the Lost/Damaged form.

Fire/Flood Damage - For fire/flood damage a report must be attached.

Replacement Product Required

Please check our guide on replacement passes to ensure you are selecting the correct product.

Passes Relating To: Active Non-Safeguarded employees only
Passes Relating To: International Products
Passes Relating To: Company Specific Plastic/Smart cards
Passes Relating To: Paper Cards issued by your TOC Employer
Passes Relating To: Active and Retired Safeguarded Employees only
Passes Relating To: Other (Please Specify In Box Below)
Who Needs A Replacement?
Replacement Information
  • Where cards contain boxes, then the replacement number of boxes will be issued on a pro-rata basis calculated in accordance with the card’s terms and conditions.