New independent rail body would boost accountability

  • New organisation would be ‘guiding mind’ ensuring the network works as a whole, decisions are aligned and the right targets are set
  • This would enable politicians to step back from day-to-day detail and focus on what they want the railway to achieve for communities and the country
  • It would mean train companies and Network Rail could focus on what they do best – innovating and creating to deliver better for their customers.

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Rail industry confirms new summer 2019 timetable 

  • 1,000 extra services per week to be added, benefiting passengers across the country
  • Changes are part of a long-term improvement plan to make trains more frequent and enable new journeys, while prioritising punctuality and reliability
  • Introducing ambitious improvements for passengers presents a significant challenge and the industry is working together to focus on implementing lessons learned from summer 2018 to strengthen timetabling, visible through the effective winter timetable change last December
  • Train companies and Network Rail will work together to closely monitor the introduction of the new timetable and respond rapidly to any disruption

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