Response to questions about the Britain Runs On Rail campaign

We were asked some questions about the Britain Runs On Rail campaign - here's our response:

The Rail Delivery Group (RDG) is a private company, and not covered by the Freedom of Information Act, but we aim to abide by the spirit of it.

The Britain Runs On Rail campaign is funded and led by the RDG, which is jointly funded by train company owning groups and Network Rail. As reported by Passenger Transport magazine, £1.5 million has been spent on the campaign – a small fraction of the £50bn plus Railway Upgrade Plan.

The reason for the campaign is to raise public awareness about how money from taxpayers and passengers is helping to run and build a bigger and better railway. If we are to sustain continued investment in rail that is needed to build the network and provide the services that passengers want and Britain needs, it is essential to start an honest conversation about the ever more crucial role rail plays in our country, and how we’re delivering the biggest investment programme since the Victorian era.


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