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Updated - 1 July 2020

This page contains useful information for your Rail Staff Travel privileges.

Child Dependant Gross Weekly Income Limit

The 2020/21 gross weekly income limit is £146.80. This amount applies from 1st April 2020.

This limit is updated each year on 1 April.

Replacement Fee

The current Card and Pass replacement fee is £15.00 per Card/Pass for the first replacement in a card year. For a second loss in a card year the replacement fee is increased to £25.00 per Card/Pass.

The fee for next day special delivery postage is £6.35 per post item.

Last updated - 25 February 2019

Booking Fee for International travel through International Rail

The current booking fee is £10.00 per booking. There is still a significant subsidy in place that is supported by RST.

You are of course always free to use whichever agency best suits your travel needs and preferences.

International Rail continues to offer the widest range of international travel options across the market.

FIP travel is non-contractual and is based on a reciprocal exchange between European rail carriers.  RST is not obliged to provide a booking service, nor to pay on behalf of staff any fees associated with this service.

Obtaining a Full Birth Certificate or Marriage Certificate

Where RST require a copy of a full birth certificate or marriage certificate, then these can be obtained from the authority that maintains the registrations of births and marriages. In England and Wales this is through the HM Gov website, or in Scotland through the National Records Scotland website. Other countries will have their own processes.

Please send us a copy, not the original, as RST are not liable for the loss of or damage to, or any consequential loss arising from the loss of or damage to, original documents that are sent to us however this may arise.

Returning Cards and Passes to RST

Please return all Cards and Passes to RST by "signed for" or "special delivery guaranteed" post (previously known as recorded and registered delivery). This is to provide additional protection for your valuable staff travel documents when you are returning them to be changed or cancelled.

Privilege Season Ticket

The discounted amounts to be used on Privilege Season Tickets for Active Safeguarded Employees is:

Mileage Allowance From 1 January 2019 From 1 January 2020
8 Miles £7.80 £8.00
12 Miles £15.10 £15.50
40 Miles £28.80 £29.60
70 Miles £50.60 £52.00

Housekeeper Gross Weekly Income Limit

The 2020/21 gross weekly income limit is £175.50. This amount applies from 1st April 2020.

This limit is updated each year on 1 April.

RST Contact Details

From the UK, call us on: 020 7841 8274
Phone lines are open from 9am to 4.30pm each weekday (excl Bank Holidays)
Email us at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please include your full name and postal address in any correspondence so that we are able to identify your Rail Staff Travel record and respond appropriately.

Write to us at: Rail Staff Travel, PO Box 72071, London EC1P 1JD
From outside the UK, call us on: +44 20 7841 8274
Unfortunately, we cannot offer a "face-to-face" service for personal callers.
However, in the case of genuine emergency (e.g. travelling to a close family member's funeral), we will do our best to help. Owing to building security requirements, you will need to phone in advance rather than just arriving at our offices without notice.

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