Accreditation process


To be accredited, a system must demonstrate compliance with the applicable RDG Standards. RDG provides supporting functions that aim to streamline the accreditation activities. Additionally, a system is expected to be re-accredited where new functionality is introduced, or the requirements of RDG Standards are revised. As a result, the RDG Accreditation process is considered ongoing.

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Individual processes involved in the overall RDG Accreditation process are described in more detail below.

Verify Retail Licence

A system used for the retail of National Rail products must be protected by a retailing licence.

Six types of rail retailing licence exist:

  • Train Operating Company
  • Third Party Investor
  • International
  • Travel Agent
  • Interim
  • Season

The retailing licence holder that is procuring the system must be confirmed to RDG Accreditation prior to the commencement of any further RDG Accreditation activities.

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Functional Design Review

Details of the functional design of the system are provided to RDG, including;

  • the covering retailing licence,
  • the types of product supported (i.e. Advance Purchase), and
  • fulfilment Method(s) supported (i.e. Ticket on Departure).

RDG will review the functional design in respect of:

  • the restrictions/obligations of the retailing licence,
  • the system features that are subject to accreditation,
  • any features that are not covered by current RDG Standards, and
  • the likely RDG Accreditation effort involved

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Schedule Accreditation

There is a lead time for booking an RDG Accreditation slot.

An RDG Accreditation slot will be allocated by the RDG Accreditation Business Manager.

The estimated RDG Accreditation effort will be based on the information established during the Functional Design Review stage.

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Pre-Accreditation Consultancy

An optional RDG service available to Suppliers ahead of commencement of RDG Accreditation.

RDG resource will provide guidance to the Supplier and respond to specific compliance queries that arise.

A limited amount of free-of-charge consultancy is available to a Supplier of a new system, after which consultancy becomes a chargeable service.

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RDG Accreditation

RDG Accreditation consists of several steps; Compliance Review, Accreditation Testing, Pilot and Conditions of Approval.

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Compliance Review

Identification of the accreditable functions of a system contained in RDG Standards, and agreement of the Accreditation Testing coverage.

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Accreditation Testing

Assessment of evidence submitted for a system’s compliance with RDG Standards.

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Monitored period of controlled live operation of a system.

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Conditions of Approval

Certification and documentation of accredited functionality.

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System Enhancement

RDG Accreditation must be made aware of the proposed changes to assess continued compliance with RDG Standards.

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