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How to submit a form online

How To - Submit Online

Updated - 17 December 2018

"Online" Web Forms are completed online and allow you to provide details to RST in a secure manner that saves you time and money..

As they can be completed online you should no longer need to download the forms.  You won't need to save, or scan, email or post them. Just fill in the forms online and press Submit.

If you require to save a copy of what you have submitted, then immediately before you press Submit you can save a local copy of the document as a PDF by pressing the Print button, saving as a PDF and then press the Submit button.  This is currently the best way to remember what you submitted as long as you do not change any data between printing and submitting.

What You Need

Web Forms can only be submitted to us if you are using a browser and are online. Therefore, they can be submitted using a PC, laptop, tablet, phone or other internet connected mobile device.

We would recommend using a PC or laptop as they are more likely to have the functionality required as standard. Tablets, phones and other mobile devices may not be set up to open the forms in the browser; you may need to change settings to allow this.  they may also not bee connected online when you submit.

How to Complete

Before you complete the form, make sure that you have all the necessary information to hand.

If you need to attach any documents or images as evidence required on the form, please ensure that it is stored on the device that you are using, that it is less than 1Mb and in JPEG or PDF format.

  1. Click on the form you require.
    1. The form should be displayed in your browser. If it is, then,
  2. Complete the fields on the form.
    1. Mandatory fields (marked with an asterisk "*") require a value to be input.
    2. Some fields validate the input so that it is formatted correctly, e.g. postcode and NI Number.
    3. Dates can be selected (preferred) or input.
    4. An attachment can be added.  Use the Browse button and select the file from your device.
    5. Check the Declaration checkbox.
  3. Press the Submit button.
    1. Note that validation messages may be displayed (and the fields highlighted) if the information input does not pass the validation.
  4. If the form is successfully submitted, then a confirmation screen with a green header band will be displayed in the browser.

Once a web form has been submitted, please do not send any additional emails, e.g. asking for confirmation, as this will only delay the processing of your form.

Common Issues

The Submit button doesn't work

This is probably because the form is not downloaded to a browser or you may not be online.  Some devices, especially tablets, phones and other mobile devices, may open the form in another App (such as a PDF viewer). You will need to open the web form in a browser and be connected to the internet before you can submit it.  Intermittent or interrupted internet connection (4G or wifi) will also prevent the submission of the form.

If the form has been opened in a browser, then you may wish to try a altenative browser as they all operate differently.  Various versions of the same browser may also operate differently.  We would suggest using Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari as your browser.

I can't attach a file to the form

If the file is on your device (i.e. it is not stored in the cloud), then it may be because it is larger than 1Mb or it is not a JPEG or PDF format. You need to ensure that the file meets these criteria before you can attach it to a web form.

I didn't get the green confirmation screen after I submitted the form

This means that we didn't receive the form.

If you had a screen with a red message displayed, then there is a problem with the service and you should try again later.

If the screen went blank, then it is more likely that there is a problem before submission.  This may be because you are not online, or the functionality of the software or device that you are using does not process the form correctly.

Other Options

If you cannot submit the form online, you can still send it to us by email.  For more information and instructions look at the How To - Submit by Email page.

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