Initial Application for Leisure Travel Facilities

All appropriate cards will be issued according to eligibility

* - Mandatory Field

Employee details
Child Details

The child you are applying for must be dependant on either you, the employee, or your spouse/partner. If they are not your biological child and do not live with you, then please contact to check if they are eligible.

Do they already hold Rail Staff Travel facilities?
Photo Required

To enable RST to issue your child dependant with passes please upload a photo of them that will be included on current and/or future passes issued by Rail Staff Travel. For guidance please see RST Photo Guidance

Notes On Documents to Attach

  • A passport style photo must be attached.
  • Full UK Birth Certificates (not the short one that only has the child’s name).
  • Applications in respect of a Child who is the subject of a Residency Order or Foster Order must use the Adoption/Guardian attachment type category.
  • RST may require further supporting documentation to establish eligibility.
  • Non-UK documents will usually require an official English language translation.
  • Note - For Children aged 18 or above you must also submit a Child Declaration Form - XX05.