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This section can only be used to supply: 

  • photographs of employees
  • updated photographs for family members already in receipt of a card or pass issued by rail staff travel 

You cannot use this page to add family members to your rail staff travel record.

If you have not yet added a family member to your record, you need to apply for them using the forms on the Forms page providing the necessary proof of eligibility.

Rail Staff Travel do not issue Photo ID Cards. To get one,  you will need to take a passport sized photo to any staffed National Rail ticket office and ask for a public ID Card.  Only active Safeguarded employees and their family members aged 16 or over need photo ID.

The photo

Your photo must be a standard passport size, taken with a digital camera or a smartphone, a JPEG at least 413 pixels wide by 531 pixels high, no larger than 250Kb and:

  • In colour
  • Only contain the image of one person
  • Taken against a flat, plain, contrasting background (cream or grey)
  • Taken within the last month
  • Clear and in focus
  • Close up of your head and shoulders.
  • Facing forward and looking straight into the camera
  • With a neutral expression
  • Without any shadows in the picture
  • With eyes open, visible and free from reflection or glare from glasses
  • With your eyes not covered by sunglasses, tinted glasses, glasses frames or hair
  • Natural colour
Photo Dimensions

Photos do's and don’ts

The Photo will be rejected if:

  • There is any item in the background or the background is not plain
  • Your face is in full or partial shadow
  • The image is too dark or too light
  • The photo is a selfie
  • The photo has filters applied i.e. a snapchat photo
  • The photo does not comply with any other passport standard

A photo or scan of a paper passport photo is NOT acceptable.

Acceptable Photo

Unacceptable Photo Examples

Items in background and not a plain background
Out of focus
Full or partial shade
Not facing forward or looking into the camera
Incorrect colour
Not passport style - Not head and shoulders

Once you have pressed "Next" and move to the next page, you will be able to check your photo before you actually submit it. You may need to zoom in or out, or crop the image, and you'll need to ensure that the photo sits within the frame provided. This is to ensure that when it is automatically delivered to RSTL, it wil be in the right format and can be used.


Please note: Images that would not be accepted by the Passport Office will be rejected.

Invalid File

You can now resize your photo using the controls and frame provided, so that it can be automatically delivered to RSTL in the right format for printing.

Loading full-size photo...

Position your cursor over the image. Then left click, hold and drag to move the image.

Staff Member Primary Card-Holder Information
Invalid Input
Invalid Input
Invalid Input
Invalid Input
Invalid Input
Invalid Input
Invalid Input
Invalid Input
Invalid Input
Invalid Input
Invalid Input
Invalid Input
Invalid Input
If multiple select the most urgent, one photo will cover all products

* required fields

Invalid Input
I confirm that all details provided are correct, including the product requested.

I declare that this is a true likeness of the person named above.
I understand that:
  • if Rail Staff Travel believe the photograph to have been photoshopped, had filters applied, or modified in any way which makes it inappropriate for use, this will be reported to my employer as a disciplinary matter
  • the photograph will be used on any card or pass issued by Rail Staff Travel
  • the email address provided will be used to contact the employee about their rail staff travel facilities
  • I am responsible for the correct use of my rail staff travel facilities and understand that such use is subject to the Conditions of Issue and Use which can be found at

I declare that I have read Rail Staff Travel’s privacy information at at .

Invalid Input

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