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Reason for Replacement

Damaged - For damaged cards a clear colour image of the card (front and back) must be attached.

Replacement Product Required

Please check our guide on replacement passes to ensure you are selecting the correct product.

Passes Relating To: Active Non-Safeguarded employees only
Passes Relating To: International Products
Passes Relating To: Company Specific Plastic/Smart cards
Passes Relating To: Paper Cards issued by your TOC Employer
Passes Relating To: Active and Retired Safeguarded Employees only
Passes Relating To: Other (Please Specify In Box Below)
Who Needs A Replacement?
  • If you submit the payment through your RST Online account before 12.30pm on a business day, we will post your paper card(s) to you on the same day by 1st class post. Smartcards are sent separately from one of our suppliers so you need to allow a minimum of five working days for them to arrive.
  • If any replacements have not arrived within two weeks of you making payment, you should email us at rst@raildeliverygroup.com stating your name and address and which cards/passes have not arrived.

You must make payment by logging into your RST Online account. You will need to click on ‘Your Account’ and go to the ‘Ad-Hoc Payments’ section on the lefthand side. If you don’t have an account, we will email you details of how to create one. We will confirm when you are able to make the payment and then once payment has been received your card(s) will be issued and a confirmation email will be sent out.

Replacement Information
  • Where cards contain boxes, then the replacement number of boxes will be issued on a pro-rata basis calculated in accordance with the card’s terms and conditions. (Unless the card is damaged and we can see the number of boxes that have been used)
  • Replacement fee is £15.00 per item (£12.50 for Oyster Status Pass) for 1st replacement in any period of validity. 2nd replacements are £25.00 per item. A 3rd replacement within any period of validity will be declined. Fees are payable for lost, damaged and defaced cards.
  • Payment must be made by Credit/Debit Card. AMEX is not accepted.
  • Please ensure you take the time to select the correct product and use the guide in the link provided to help you to avoid the incorrect product being issued or a delay to your request.
  • We will process your application and create the payment request in your RST Online account within one business day.