Rail Settlement Plan data

Train companies create various types of data associated with the provision of their rail services, including fares, timetable and routeing data.

They use this data to provide rail travel information to their customers in a variety of ways, including through approved websites, via mobile phone apps and at their stations through accredited ticket issuing systems. Our Rail Settlement Plan (RSP) team is authorised to make this data available under licence to third parties on behalf of the train companies, in order to promote rail travel and encourage the wider distribution of accurate and consistent rail travel information on an impartial basis.

In this section, you can find out about and request regular feeds of fares, timetable and routeing data, providing you accept the associated terms and conditions, which are designed to protect the integrity of the data and ensure that it is used accurately.

Please note that RSP data is of a technical nature, and you will require a good level of computer skills in order to be able to process the data.

If you are interested in just downloading timetable data, which is updated on a weekly basis, but does not include real time train running information, you can find details of how to do this and the associated terms and conditions by going to our Rail industry data website.


If you want to receive regular feeds of RSP data (fares, timetable and/or routeing) then you are required to pay a licence fee as well as agreeing to the terms and conditions of the RSP data licence.

You may choose to source RSP data directly from us, in which case you will also be required to pay a data feeds charge to RSP; or you can source it from an approved supplier, in which case you will have to negotiate a fee with that approved supplier. In either case, you are required to pay for and sign an RSP data licence.

Please note that currently, we supply the data via SFTP (push or pull) over the internet to parties.

RSP fees & charges are reviewed annually, and all prices shown in the pdf below are in Pounds Sterling (£) and exclusive of value added tax (VAT).

Applying for an RSP data licence

If you would like to receive or source a regular supply of RSP data, or are planning to use RSP data for any purposes other than testing, then you will be required to sign an RSP data licence. This sets out the terms under which the RSP data shall be made available or supplied to you and the conditions you must comply with, which include, but are not limited to using the RSP data accurately, impartially and in a professional manner. In addition, you will also be required to comply with any subsequent instructions, procedures or standards issued by RSP relating to the use of RSP data.

If you require a regular feed of RSP data, please complete the online application form at https://dtdportal.atocrsp.org/register.jsf.

If you have any questions about obtaining an RSP data licence, you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., including your company’s trading name, company number, company address and the purpose for which you are proposing to use the RSP data.

If you want to use RSP data to retail rail products, then you will be required to apply for a retail licence (subject to status), as separate terms and conditions apply to the retailing of rail products. Please visit the Retail Agents Online website for further details.


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