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Our purpose is to create a simpler, better railway for everyone in Britain.

Who we are

We are the Rail Delivery Group, a membership organisation that works on behalf of the rail industry to create a simpler, better railway for our customers. Our members are the train operating companies that make up the rail industry across Britain.

Latest Activity

Green Travel Pledge

We are currently developing a new rail carbon calculator which will provide detailed, accurate and reliable data on the carbon emissions of rail journeys at the point of sale. This new tool will allow businesses and business travellers the ability to easily demonstrate the green credentials of switching to rail travel from less environmentally-friendly alternatives such as car and plane travel.

  • SISJ

    Smarter Information Smarter Journeys

    The Smarter Information, Smarter Journeys (SISJ) programme is the industry catalyst for delivering better and simpler customer information to our people and our customers on Great Britain's Railways.  The aim is to provide customers with all the information they want, when and how they want it.

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