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Senior Subcommittees

There are eight senior subcommittees that have a direct reporting line into the SSB. These senior subcommittees play a vital role in supporting and implementing various schemes and services. Additionally, there are several subcommittees operate under these senior subcommittees:

Finance, Risk, Assurance and Compliance Committee (FRACC)

  • Oversees the ongoing operations, services and associated projects, alongside compliance with the TSA obligations that relate to them.
  • Sub-strategies include overseeing a wide range of operational and settlement activities, financial oversight of budgets and business cases within delegated authority, contract management, service improvement, risk management and audit.

Retail and Commercial Committee

  • Ensures compliance with and delivery of retail-specific obligations under the TSA and oversee a wide range of schemes including e.g. Retail Agents and London Schemes.
  • Sub-strategies include Third Party Retail framework, enabling wider retail reform (inc. workforce reform), initiatives supporting increased demand for rail travel, and modernising legacy commercial agreements to support reform.

Retail and Commercial Committee subcommittees

Note - we may not publish details of every group.

  • Third Party Agents Scheme Management Group
  • London Agreements Committee
  • National Marketing Committee
  • Passenger Demand Forecasting Executive
  • Reservations Product Group
  • Fraud Forum
  • CBO Smartcard Scheme and Operations Committee
  • Fare and Retail Delivery Group

Customer Committee

  • To ensure ORR licence conditions, Equalities & Human Rights act, NRES scheme obligations and Accessible Travel Plan (ATP) commitments are all met. 
  • Sub-strategies include accessibility, customer care and customer information focusing on commercially positive customer satisfaction improvements.

Customer Committee subcommittees

Note - we may not publish details of every group.

  • Customer Information Group
  • Support and Redress Group
  • Accessibility Group
  • Policing & Security Group
  • Station Strategy Group (SSG)

Data and Technology Committee

  • To oversee data responsibilities across RDG schemes and services and enabling delivery and technology for all services. Includes oversight of analytics, data integration and sharing, open data, information controls and risk management, technology infrastructure, change and support capabilities (except London Schemes)

Data and Technology Committee subcommittees

Note - we may not publish details of every group.

Network Performance & Planning Board

  • To drive improvement and enhance railway performance at a network-level and thus improve customer satisfaction with rail services. This group is impartial and objective, providing leadership and owning the industry performance narrative.

Network Performance and Planning Board

  • Digital Railway Steering Group
  • Fleet Challenge Steering Group
  • Fleet Reliability Focus Forum (for Twenty Point Plan)
  • Performance and Planning Forum
  • Better Operations Programme Board
  • Railway Resilience Steering Group
  • Planning Oversight Group (POG)

People Strategy Committee

  • To develop contractual, regulatory and policy proposals required to deliver a strategic, industry-wide approach to workforce issues which, enable the delivery of a better customer experience; help to modernise the railway and so ensure its long-term sustainability and viability (people, VfM and cost); inform the development and help support delivery-outcomes signalled in the Long-Term Strategy for Rail.

People Strategy Committee

Note - we may not publish details of every group.

  • Traincrew Board
  • Train Drivers Academy Board
  • Rail HR Directors’ Forum

EC4T Committee

  • To procure electricity for traction over a three-year rolling period on behalf of all TOCs and the majority of FOCs in order to reduce the risk of high-market prices and high price volatility.
  • The EC4T procurement strategy uses a ‘Capital At Risk’ model that spreads risk and purchases electricity on the forward market on an agile basis, allowing a degree of certainty and mitigating extreme movements in electricity prices.

Rail Staff Travel Committee

  • To oversee the delivery of the obligations associated with the Safeguarded Staff Travel Scheme, the TOC Privilege Arrangement, Freight Duty Travel Scheme, Network Rail Leisure Agreement, BTP Residential Travel Agreement, FIP Arrangement, TOC/Group specific staff travel products and managing the fulfilment of the Met & City Police travelcards.
  • Sub-strategies include seeking to remove paper-based processes and promoting online options for retailing and delivering rail staff travel products.​​​​​​​


​​​​​​​Note - we have not published the details of every group in the governance structure. There are a number of Committees, Programme Boards, Councils, Groups, Forums that report into these Senior Subcommittees.