Approved Codes of Practice and Guidance Notes

The Rail Delivery Group issue Approved Codes of Practice (ACOPs) and Guidance Notes on behalf of the industry.

Below is a list of the current publications - click on the rows below to access the documents.


EC/01006 3.5 August 2015 Management of Rail Vehicle Engineering Change
EC/01007 1 September 2004 Management of Safety Critical Components
EC/01008 2 December 2016 Tightlock Couplers and Autoconnectors (IB/TP1008)
EC/01009 3 May 2013 GSM-R Cab Mobile Fitment
EC/GN001 1 November 2014 Contract Variation Approval Process
EC/GN002 3.3 September 2014 The ATOC Guide to Vehicle Change
EC/GN003 1.1 May 2015 Management of Rolling Stock Maintenance Records
EC/GN004 1 November 2015 ETCS Cab Human Factors Design Guidance
EC/GN005 2 April 2018 On Train GPS/Darwin Interface specification
EC/GN006 1 July 2017 Cyber Security - Advice on Working Practises from a Rolling Stock Perspective
EC/GN007 1 April 2019 Selection & Assurance of Fasteners for Legacy Fleets
EC/GN008 1.1 October 2019 New Trains - A Good Practice Guide



ACOP011 16 April 2017 Joint Industry Provision of Humanitarian Response Following a Major Passenger Rail Accident
ACOP012 5 October 2016 Driver Manpower Monitoring (by request only)
ACOP014 2 October 2016 Provision of Passenger Information
ACOP016 4 April 2017 Incident Response Duties of Primary Support Operators
ACOPSR2013 1 November 2013 Contingency Planning for Train Service Recovery - Service Recovery 2013
FLU/GN001 4 October 2019 Contingency Planning Arrangements for a Flu Pandemic
GN001 4 August 2012 Use of Data Recorders
GN003 7 April 2016 The Training of On-Train Staff in On-Train Emergency Procedures
GN009 3 April 2016 Investigation of Station Overruns and Failures to Call
GN010 1 April 2012 Managing the Risk to Passengers and Staff from the Use of Contracted Road Services
RDG-GN011 3 November 2017 Emergency Planning - Knowledge, Understanding and Responsibilities
RDG-GN012 2 January 2018 Planning for and Responding to National Fuel Shortages
RDG-GN013 3 October 2019 Control of Risk Posed by the Presence of Legionella Bacteria in On-train Non-Potable Water Systems
GN014 3 October 2017 Major Incidents - Preparation of Aide-Mémoires for Senior Managers
RDG-GN015 3 February 2017 Extreme Weather Arrangements including Failure or Non-Availability of On-Train Environment Control Systems
RDG-GN016 3 February 2017 Competence of Train Operator Liaison Officers (TOLOs)
RDG-GN017 3 February 2017 Competence of Station Incident Officers (SIOs)
RDG-GN018 2 November 2017 Responding to Ill Customers on Trains
GN019 2 April 2016 Developing Train Driving Policies Aligned with Non-Technical Skills
GN020 1 December 2013 Driver Establishment Calculation and Influencing Factors to be Taken into Account (by request only)
RDG-GN021 3 July 2019 Provision of Drinking Water for On-Train Use
RDG-GN022 2 October 2019 Safe Management of Pushchairs and Wheelchairs on Station Platforms
RDG-GN023 2 October 2017 Checklist for Major Incident Response
RDG-GN024 3 October 2019 Selection and Management of Contractors
RDG-GN025 2 October 2017 Post Incident Management of Personal Property
RDG-GN026 2 October 2017 Planning for Special Events
GN027 1 June 2015 Winter Arrangements for Stations
GN028 1 August 2015 Prosecution Policy
GN029 1 November 2015 Responding to Vulnerable Persons
GN030 1 January 2016 Developing ICT Capabilities
GN031 1 April 2016 Security Briefings by the BTP
GN032 1 April 2016 Information Sharing Protocol with the BTP
GN033 1 April 2016 Station incident Response Planning
GN034 1 July 2016 Logging and Loggists
GN036 1 May 2016 Risks & Opportunities from ROCs and TM
RDG-GN037 1 January 2017 Contingency Planning for Power Outages
RDG-GN038 3 May 2019 Data Protection Requirements During and After Incidents
RDG-GD039 2 April 2017 Social Media Response to Major Incidents and Disruptive Events (by request only)
RDG-GN040 2 May 2019 Delivering Good Schemes - Conventional Resignalling
RDG-GN041 2 July 2017 Train Driving Licenses and Certificates Regulations 2010
RDG-GN043 1 May 2018 Developing a Base Roster (for Drivers) (by request only)
RDG-GN044 1 July 2018 Proposals to Reduce Permissible Speed Restrictions
RDG-GN047 1 May 2018 The Application of Industry Policy on Driver Controlled Operations (by request only)
GN CCTV 4 October 2015 National Rail & Underground CCTV
SP01 4 June 2019 Meeting the Needs of Passengers Stranded on Trains
GPG005 2 December 2011 Controller Recruitment, Training & Competence
GPG012 - December 2005 Safe Use of Station Vehicles
GPG014 - October 2006 De-icing Agents for On Station Use


New Technology:

RDG/GN/GSM-R/001 2 January 2017 Managing GSM-R Train Radio
ATOC/GN ERTMS 001 1 June 2014 L-NTC ETCS Principle Considerations for Driver Training
ATOC/GN ERTMS 002 1 January 2015 L-2 ETCS Principle Considerations for Driver Training
RDG/GN/NTI/001 1 December 2017 Delivering Good Schemes - ETCS
RDG/GN/NTI/003 1 September 2017 ETCS Commercial Arrangements
RDG GN/NTI/005 1 October 2017 ETCS On-board Equipment
RDG-GN/NTI/015 2 September 2017 Managing ERTMS Performance



ATOC/OITC2015 1 November 2015 Operational Planning and Implementation of Timetable Change
AWG 6 January 2018 Managing Low Adhesion
RDG/NTF/DoRPM 2.2 October 2017 Definitions of Railway Performance Metrics
OPS/GPG/99 1 June 2017 Operational Readiness for Delivery of Significant Engineering Works
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