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National Rail Enquiries data

Access to our data feeds

As part of the rail industry's commitment to transparency, National Rail Enquiries (NRE) has made a selection of data feeds available for third party developers to create their own products and applications. The data feeds are derived from three primary engines known as Darwin, Knowledgebase and the Online Journey Planner. More information can be found on the NRE website.


Darwin provides real-time arrival and departure predictions, platform numbers, delay estimates, as well as real-time schedule changes and cancellations. It powers all NRE and train operator customer facing real-time information tools, including websites, mobile apps and train station departure board screens.

Darwin is licenced to all users under open terms and conditions. The move to an open access licence came into effect on the 1 June 2014, meaning that individuals and organisations are now free to be innovative and develop websites, apps and other digital tools with the data.

Knowledgebase (KB)

Knowledgebase is the content engine and database of the National Rail Enquiries website. It contains a wealth of static and real-time information about traveling by train on the GB rail network, such as information about station facilities, service disruption, and engineering work.

The KB information is available in XML file format, downloadable through a web browser.

Online Journey Planner (OJP)

Online Journey Planner is the engine used to plan routes, calculate fares and establish ticket availability on National Rail Enquiries digital channels. The OJP accesses real-time information directly from Darwin, meaning all journey plans take account of all delays, schedule changes and last minute cancellations made by the train companies.

The OJP data feeds are SOAP APIs and are available for use under formal licence.