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Customers want accurate, timely and frequent information about their journey as and when they need it, especially during disruption.

94% of customers are satisfied with the information they receive when their service runs normally (non-disrupted) 

52% of customers are satisfied with the information they receive during disruption 

33% of customers want better frequency of updates during disruption, the most desired improvement area
+10% increase in customer satisfaction with information during disruption since SISJ launched
Source: Infotracker Q4 2022

“Customers must have the information they need to plan and make their journey, especially when there is disruption. While improvements have been made in recent years, more still needs to be done and the industry is working together to meet customer expectations.” Jason Webb, RDG Lead, Smarter Information Programme

What is the Smarter Information, Smarter Journeys Programme?

Our vision for customer information

The Smarter Information, Smarter Journeys (SISJ) programme is the industry catalyst for delivering better and simpler customer information to our people and our customers on Great Britain's Railways.  The aim is to provide customers with all the information they want, when and how they want it.

To achieve this, the following outlines SISJ’s mission, vision and core values:

How did SISJ come about? 

How did SISJ come about? 

SISJ was originally formed in 2019 in response to the Winder Phillip’s report published by the Office of Rail and Road (ORR), the rail regulator. The report outlined significant improvements needed to customer information and the ORR asked the SISJ leadership to deliver a programme (SISJ V1) that works collaboratively across the industry to address information improvements and customers’ feedback.

Since its launch in early 2020, SISJ V1 has delivered information improvements to the customer’s rail travel at home when preparing to travel, at the station, when onboard a train and/or during their overall journey experience.

To review work undertaken, an Industry Progress Report was delivered to the ORR. This report was approved by the ORR and highlights progress made in completing customer information improvements.

“The Smarter Information Programme is crucial to driving change. We are fully committed to progressing this work, so that customers can start realising the benefits as soon as possible. The programme is a real collaborative industry effort.” Jo Shelley, Network Rail Lead, Smarter Information Programme

SISJ Programme Team

The SISJ programme team is a blend of cross-industry experts made up of Network Rail (NR), Rail Delivery Group (RDG), Great British Railway Transition Team (GBRTT) and all Train Operating Company (TOC) colleagues.

Moving forward: SISJ V2

Many of the work packages from SISJ V1 have now been delivered but the industry recognises more still needs to be done to improve customer information, particularly during unplanned disruption - this called for the second iteration of SISJ, SISJ V2.

To determine SISJ V2 initiatives, customers were asked what the most important information improvements are that they would like to receive during disruption. Results are included in the SISJ and Transport Focus research report on customer information priorities. In addition, these results determined the prioritisation of further customer information improvements needed, all of which are outlined in SISJ V2.

SISJ V2’s mission, vision and core values remain the same as SISJ V1 but will be delivered largely using different initiatives, although some initiatives have been carried over from SISJ V1.

The following four pillars represent the goals and objectives for SISJ V2:

To hear more about SISJ V2 and its initiatives, listen to our podcast.

To measure the impact each initiative is having in driving customer satisfaction and monitor if value is being delivered, SISJ use a customer information survey tool called InfoTracker. To gain access to InfoTracker please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The latest Q2 2023 InfoTracker results (below) measuring customer satisfaction with information provision indicate overall satisfaction is 84%.

Customer information improvement delivered and in-progress

As the industry strives towards delivering a simpler and better railway, the SISJ Programme is making headway in delivering information improvements that help the customer at every stage of their journey – pre-travel, at the station, onboard and/or across the journey.

The below illustrates the customer information improvements delivered and what is in-progress.

The future of customer information

SISJ is a truly collaborative programme and V2 is inter-dependent on GBRTT’s Customer Strategy, Fares, Ticketing and Retail (FTR) and National Rail Accessibility Strategy (NRAS). The team works closely with these industry programmes to ensure the 2030 vision for what good customer information will look like is achieved and supports the work of Great British Railways.

A customer view

You can hear more about our work in our programme delivery report ‘A Customer View’, updated monthly.

Latest news

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