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Rail Industry Data

For people interested in the detail of rail data sources

Rail industry data

RDG data

The rail industry is becoming more open, so there is lots of data around and much of it is freely available. Read about our approach to transparency.

You can also find data and statistics in many of our publications and reports.

National Rail Enquiries data

As part of the rail industry's commitment to transparency, our National Rail Enquiries (NRE) team has made a selection of data feeds available for third party developers to create their own products and applications.

The data feeds are derived from three primary engines known as Darwin, Knowledgebase and the Online Journey Planner.

More about access to NRE data.

Fares, routeing and timetable data

Train companies create various types of data associated with the provision of their rail services, including fares, timetable and routeing data. They use this data to provide rail travel information to their customers in a variety of ways, including through approved websites, via mobile phone apps and at their stations through accredited retail systems.

RDG is authorised to make this data available under licence to third parties on behalf of the train companies, in order to promote rail travel and encourage the wider distribution of accurate and consistent rail travel information on an impartial basis

More about access to fares, routeing and timetable data.