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B2B services

Issuing tickets for travel

B2B services

If you provide a service on behalf of RDG, or want to, you may find this section useful.

Selling and issuing tickets for travel

If you sell train tickets to business or the public (or want to), training and support is available. Information relating to rail retailing licences can be found on the Travel Agents Online website.

If you are a business that travels a lot by rail, you may be interested in the Rail Travel Accounts service.

Accreditation and settlement

The Rail Settlement Plan is the process by which monies paid for train tickets is redistributed to the train operators who provided that service. Find out more about:

Using rail industry data

We allow access to rail data to enable people to provide travel information to customers in a variety of ways, including through websites, via mobile phone apps and at stations through accredited ticket issuing systems. Find out more about our data services.