Who is RDG?

The Rail Delivery Group is an organisation that brings together railway companies, to help them to deliver better services for customers. We bring together passenger train operators, freight train operators, as well as railway infrastructure companies Network Rail, High Speed 1 and HS2. Together with the rail supply industry, we are working to change and improve, and secure prosperity in Britain now and in the future. Find out more about RDG.

How long has RDG been around?

RDG was previously known as ATOC (Association of Train Operating Companies). ATOC was set up after privatization in 1993, to preserve and enhance the benefits for passengers of Britain's national rail network. In 2011, it was joined by RDG to provide policy formulation and communications on behalf of the entire industry. Then by October 2016, the single name of Rail Delivery Group was adopted to describe the organisation as a whole and all our activities.

What is the culture like at RDG?

You cannot describe culture, but we've put together a file of information about the organisaion that you might find interesting: RDG culture handbook.

You may also like to hear what our staff have to say about working at RDG.

What benefits does RDG offer?

  • 26 days annual leave (plus bank holidays, Christmas shopping leave, Moving House day)
  • 75% reduction on UK rail travel (for work and leisure)
  • 50% gym discount
  • 30 weeks full pay for maternity, adoption and shared parental leave
  • Personal Development Days

And much more!

What departments exist within RDG and how is it structured?

  • Corporate Services: primarily provides support to the rest of the business.
  • People, Operations & Railway Strategy: involved in the technology, people and processes to facilitate for our members the efficient delivery of more passengers and freight, more punctually, safely and securely, today and tomorrow.
  • Customer: our largest directorate, consisting of - Architecture, Business Strategy, Customer Strategy, Insights & Analysis, Marketing, Propositions, Partnerships, Projects & Programmes, Services & Assurance.
  • Policy: provides leadership and strategic direction in the industry by working with government, the supply chain and stakeholders both in domestically and in the European Union.
  • Communications: supports and challenges the business to deliver the best outcomes for the reputation of the industry and organisation.
  • CEO Office: provides strategic and administrative support to the Chief Executive.

How many employees are in RDG?

We are currently at a headcount of approximately 350 employees.

What staff groups exist within RDG?

We strive to create an inclusive and diverse workforce here at RDG, and have various employee networks to encourage this. Find out more about our employee networks.


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