National Rail’s new Great British Journeys YouTube series to inspire passengers to get back on track

By Jacqueline Starr, Chief Executive Officer, Rail Delivery Group

As Britain recovers, rail can turn hope of a new, cleaner economy into reality as - unlike other modes of transport - every passenger and taxpayer investment in rail delivers more than a journey 

With the country emerging from the pandemic, the green shoots of spring starting to show and passenger numbers starting to recover, now more than ever we need to inspire more passengers to see our beautiful country by train. 

The rail network is a source of many benefits - to passengers, but also to the economy, the environment and wider society, which is why encouraging people back onto trains is so vital. On average, leisure passengers by rail spend £117 per trip, supporting local jobs and businesses and helping to level up areas that might otherwise be left behind.  

From an environmental standpoint, we know that rail is one of the greenest modes of travel that produces only a third of the emissions of car journeys. With one train taking on average 500 cars off the road, we know choosing sustainable travel is one of the key ways to help the country to meet its net zero ambitions.  

Socially, rail provides mobility, which can help improve access to services such as education, employment and leisure, particularly for those who might otherwise be cut off.  

But beyond this, the rail network is a source of delight for passengers, from trainspotters and enthusiasts to keen travellers. It can help people relax, unwind and alleviate stress. Data from National Rail revealed that when surveyed about what they most enjoy about train travel, 55% of people said the scenery out of the window, while 24% said the movement of travelling by train makes them feel a sense of calm.  

To emulate those feelings, we’ve launched ‘Great British Journeys’ on National Rail’s YouTube channel, which provides viewers with an exclusive driver’s eye view of the country’s most beautiful train journeys. We’ve designed this series to inspire people to explore the nation by train, while helping them relax and unwind with views of the picturesque routes.  

Along with releasing new videos every week for six weeks, Great British Journeys will be streaming nine hours of uninterrupted footage on a loop so viewers can tune into the ‘live’ channel at any time and see stunning scenery on journeys across Scotland, Wales, Devon and East Anglia. We hope that as well as relaxing viewers, these journeys will serve as inspiration for passengers to plan their next adventure by train.  

With the end of restrictions, more leisure travel means that we can get back to seeing the places and attractions we’ve missed, with the people we love. It’s time to get back on track.  

Sit back and relax. Watch the video on YouTube here

Click to watch Great British Journeys on YouTube
Great British Journeys


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