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Committed to improving the UK’s trains

Train being built at a depot

Over the last decade, more than half of all passenger trains have been replaced or refurbished to make journeys more accessible, reliable and comfortable. That’s equivalent to 132-miles placed back-to-back, further than Newcastle to Sheffield, Cardiff to Coventry or 2,300 football pitches.

We’ve listened and made changes based on passenger feedback. But we know there is loads more for us to do as an industry to make travelling by train better.

Child smiling and looking out the window

Together, we’ve made significant investment in new and improved facilities to:

  • Make carriages more spacious and accessible, including better seating and more multi-use areas for wheelchairs, bikes and buggies
  • Introduce more at-seat charging and WiFi across our trains
  • Provide more accessible journeys for customers through improvements like level boarding and new disabled toilets – including the first mainline trains in the UK that provide level boarding at the national standard platform height, with lower floors and a retractable step at each door

Hearing directly from passengers has been invaluable. It’s informed the changes we’ve made and where we’ll focus next.

There’s so much further still to go to make sure we’re providing that standard of service that every customer deserves.

See what we’ve been working on in the video below:

Headshot of Dan Mann

"Over the past decade a huge amount of investment has gone into new and refurbished trains for our customers. People’s needs and what they expect on board have changed and we need to adapt with them.

We have a made a huge amount of progress in renewing rolling stock and it shows what can be achieved when all parts of the rail industry are working together. We want to encourage people to travel by train, which is why investment in rolling stock is so vital.

Dan Mann,
Director of Industry Operations - Rail Delivery Group