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Proposed reforms put the railway on track to help Britain succeed

30 April 2019

The future of Britain’s railway is a debate which, for people in the industry, has sometimes felt almost as hotly contested as Brexit. On both sides, emotions run high, opinions are polarised and cold, hard facts are the collateral damage.

Change or decline: the familiar choice facing our railway

02 April 2019

25 years ago, Britain’s railway embarked on a bold new journey. It’s time to change track once again. 

We've listened. It's time to respond with what our customers want.

18 February 2019

While almost every part of our economy and every business is being transformed by technology, for many rail travellers, the orange magstripe ticket is still an all too familiar sight.

Payments for disruption and good performance on the railway

24 January 2019

John Thomas, Director of Policy at the Rail Delivery Group, explains why Network Rail and train operators pay each other if performance is better or worse than expected – and why headlines about profit from disruption aren’t all that they seem…

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