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Each member of our team is valued and recognised for their contribution and the individual qualities they bring to making RDG an exciting and enjoyable place to work.

But don’t just take our word for it. See what some of our colleagues have to say about why the Rail Delivery Group is a great place to work.

Susan AlakeSusan Alake, Internal Audit & Assurance Manager

What attracted you to work in the rail industry?

It is an industry that continues to grow and developed every day and I wanted to contribute too and be part of that growth.

What do you most like about working at RDG?

I love the people!! I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from such talented people over the years.

Tracey DagleyTracey Dagley, Accreditation Business Manager

What attracted you to work in the rail industry?

My interest in everything related to heavy engineering was born in my childhood. My desired career choice was to work in rail. All the engineering excellence involved in running a railway is a big interest to me and I have been fortunate to experience many opportunities during my 23 years in the industry.

What do you most like about working at RDG?

I love that we are acting on behalf of all the National Rail train operators and their owning groups. This was my target role, target company, I would not let anyone tell me commuting from Derby to London every day was not possible. I was determined I would work here.

Charmaine KerrCharmaine Kerr, Office Services Manager

"What I like most about The Rail Delivery Group is the fact that no one is unreachable to talk to, or get help from. From the CEO to the last person hired, everyone strives for the same common goal, success. It’s great working for a company that appreciates the job of each and every employee. It's refreshing to work for a company that really does value their employees. From the culture, to the opportunity, to the commitment to our customers."

Hannah KingsleyHannah Kingsley, Head of Commercial Finance

What attracted you to work in the rail industry?

Initially I joined the Rail industry by working for Network Rail. I was attracted to a role that was involved in setting up the first TOC/Network Rail alliance, in response to the previous rail industry review carried out by Sir Roy McNulty in 2011. The project was an exciting introduction to rail, allowing me to work on a project with real industry impact. Following this I moved into the Wessex Route, which was being managed as an alliance, allowing me insight into the complex business of running a train service as well as managing and maintaining the infrastructure. In all my roles, I have worked with a host of colleagues who showed such commitment and passion for the railway that it has increased my enthusiasm to learn more, develop my skills and stay in rail for the longer term.

What do you most like about working at RDG?

I am a relatively new starter at RDG, having joined in the summer of 2018 and so to some degree I am still finding my feet. What I enjoy most is that for me - no two days are the same. I work across finance and procurement, with internal and external stakeholders, responsible for regular monthly reporting and completely ad hoc requests – this keeps me challenged and excited about what I do.

Deborah LewisDeborah Lewis, Chief of Staff

What attracted you to work in the rail industry?

I started out as a journalist, so initially it was the healthy challenge of promoting and defending the reputation of rail, working in comms. You need a thick skin! But you also quickly learn that rail is a very wide reaching and influential sector.

What do you most like about working at RDG?

The sheer variety of things you can – and increasingly are encouraged – to get experience in. There have also been real efforts in recent years, to recruit a more diverse workforce and create a more progressive working environment. Cultural change is not easy but it’s not being shied away from.

Leila RahimzadehLeila Rahimzadeh, Industry HR Partner

What attracted you to work in the rail industry?

I rather fell into the rail industry; however, I was always fascinated by the public service sector. The relationship between the employee and the employer has always been an area of interest for me, and my thesis was on HPW. So, employee engagement and high-performance working would always present a real challenge in a heavily regulated environment. The scale of the Industry sector is also very exciting. The breadth of roles and responsibilities has also not disappointed

What do you most like about working at RDG?

It has a unique character. I knew very little about ATOC, and the RDG seems a really sensible progression from the ‘associate’ role to a more proactive ‘delivery’ group focussed on results and profit. I have met a breadth of leadership I have not experienced before, from the TOC’s, internally and from Government, having come from a narrow retail sector, this was educational and enthralling. I think however, the simple retail focus is the real contrast I have enjoyed in the RDG. Budgets are bigger, impact is less immediate, but the profit and service elements I have always focussed on are very relevant.

Judy RaumannJudy Raumann, Personal Assistant to the Director of Policy

"At RDG, you are working alongside some very talented people with a wide range of knowledge and experience on and off the railway. It is a clearing house of ideas and information and there are real opportunities for career development and for team working here as well. I love being able to bring people together particularly when it brings a good result for the railway and its customers. We know how to enjoy ourselves after work, too! It's all part of building the cohesion and trust that makes this place tick."

Jac StarrJacqueline Starr, Chief Operating Officer

What attracted you to work in the rail industry?

I saw a mammoth opportunity to improve UK rail

What do you most like about working at RDG?

I love the autonomy and breadth of coverage, I perversely love the political challenges and there are some truly brilliant people.

Andy WakefordAndy Wakeford, Head of Fares and Retail Support

"The Rail Delivery Group is right at the heart of the rail industry so being part of the team lets you make a real difference in how you can help shape the industry – whether from a specialist, technical or strategic perspective. For me the fascination has always been how the hundreds of different elements that drive the industry forward come together and are refined and shaped through the interactions of RDG staff, stakeholders and members."

Jon WittJon Witt, Internal Communications Manager

"Working at RDG gives you a great overview of the rail industry – we’re really at the heart of things, working with our members to make a difference for our customers, the industry and the economy. It’s a unique position and whether you’re new to rail or a seasoned industry expert, there’s always something new happening and plenty to learn.

The diversity of careers and opportunities at RDG is vast. You don’t need a conventional rail background to find your place here. Whether you’re interested in engineering, marketing, HR, workplace culture or anything in between – there’s a job for you here."

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