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Railway Day

What is Railway Day?

Railway Day is our annual Twitter celebration of all the work our passenger and freight colleagues do to keep Britain's railway running - from those driving trains full of passengers or cargo to ticket office staff, control room operators and track maintenance engineers.

The Day is usually held in the middle of April, and is a partner activity to Stations Day (mid-October).

In 2020, we used Railway Day to highlight the incredible range of activities staff undertook during the first Covid-19 lockdown. This included volunteering at foodbanks, working as paramedics for the NHS and sewing scrubs for health workers, as well as collecting money and donating surplus items to support local charities.

This year, we want to shine a light on how our people have kept Britain running safely and cleanly during the pandemic, as well as highlighting those staff who have also gone the extra mile to help others less fortunate. We will focus on the role of staff in supporting the country and the economy at this most challenging time, whilst continuing to innovate and respond to the needs of customers.

The railway has played a key role in supporting the nation throughout the pandemic, and we're proud to showcase what staff are doing to ensure the network is safe for everyone who is travelling today.

Get involved

Railway Day is held entirely on Twitter, so everyone is welcome.

Tell us about your favourite member of staff, or describe how your local train operator has helped your community during the pandemic. How have staff helped you feel confident when travelling? Why not give a shout out to those doing the extra cleaning at stations and on trains?

Be sure to include the event hashtag #RailwayFamily.