Railway Engineering Graduate Scheme (REGS)

About REGS

On behalf of the Engineering Council, we manage the Railway Engineering Graduate Scheme (REGS) for engineering undergraduates and graduates seeking a career in mechanical or electrical engineering with UK passenger and freight train operators.

Over 20 train operating companies are looking to recruit engineering graduates across the country. Successful candidates join the Railway Engineering Graduate Scheme. The scheme is accredited by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and the Institute of Engineering and Technology and offers a fast route towards Chartered or Incorporated Engineer status.

What we need from you

  • A MEng or BEng degree accredited by the IMEchE or the IET
  • Ability to apply your engineering knowledge in an intensely practical environment
  • Good job mobility as placements will take you all over the country or even abroad
  • Self motivation, ability to innovate and to work well in teams

Prior knowledge of the railway industry is not required.

During your initial months on the scheme, you will be involved in all the varied fleet engineering aspects including maintenance, design, construction as well as the comprehensive technical aspects.

You will be expected to move on from your graduate role on to an engineering role within the company, building up on your competences to be able to apply for Chartered or Incorporated status.

As well as receiving support from RDG, you will be assigned a mentor who will be a senior engineer in the industry. Your mentor will monitor your progress and will offer counselling and advice throughout your time on the scheme.

You can read more about the Railway Engineering Graduate Scheme here:

How to apply

To apply for an engineering graduate role, please send your CV and cover letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Applications are forwarded to the train companies throughout the year.

What some of our graduates say

Maya Zaatar

Maya Zaatar

Undergraduate engineer, Rail Delivery Group

"I joined the rail industry because it is a growing industry that is working to connect the whole nation through technologies, processes and people, and only few industries can do that!

Railway customers tend to have a mixed opinion of the rail industry, thinking that their trains are never on time and that their service could be improved in many different ways - with more trains, more comfort. I like to think that my work contributes to improving the journey of hundred of thousands - if not millions - of customers, and the way they perceive the rail industry. As I like challenges, I find it particularly exciting to work to show ,not only customers, but to every one in this country, that the railway industry is thriving to provide them with punctual, safe, and comfortable trains whether they travel for work or for holidays."


David Pearce

Systems Engineer, Greater Anglia

"I sort of fell into it really. I had a friend at university who worked for RDG and when considering summer placements I applied and they took me on. They subsequently offered me a full time role and I enjoyed working in the industry so much that I went back!

My biggest reason for liking this industry is that knowledge that even if in a small way you’re always helping people. If it’s making the trains more reliable, improving the background processes and procedures to make that happen or even spending time on the platforms to help customers, that knowledge of helping people get from A to B or going that little extra step to make their journey better is why I do what I do."



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