Updated - 11 December 2018

Over-ordering of FIP coupons

Some people are requesting excessive quantities of FIP coupons from Rail Staff Travel. These requests appear to be purely speculative, without any intention to use the coupons. The FIP organisation has questioned why this is happening and asked Rail Staff Travel to prevent it. Coupons can only be issued when there is a genuine intention to use the coupons in the country concerned. Excessive overordering of coupons will affect the perceived usage of facilities and can in some instances lead to administrations reducing facilities available.

To comply with the request from FIP, Rail Staff Travel will refuse any requests which appear to be for just collecting coupons for personal interest, rather than having a genuine intention to travel. Where, over the course of a year, an excessive number of coupons is requested, Rail Staff Travel may request a planned itinerary to justify the issue of the coupons.

It is the job of Rail Staff Travel to make sure that staff get the facilities to which they are eligible. However, Rail Staff Travel reserves the right to suspend the issue of any FIP facilities to those who abuse the facility.

11 December 2018

Status Pass Renewals

The current Gold, Silver and Blue Status Passes expire on 31 December 2018.  These passes will be issued automatically and are being posted out 3 December 2018.

3 December 2018

International Reduced Rate Card (FIP Card) Renewals

The current FIP Card is dated 2017/2018 and is valid for use until 31 January 2019. The next issue of FIP Cards will be dated for 2019/2020.  These cards will be issued automatically and posted out from 3 December 2018.

3 December 2018

Rail Ombudsman

Updates have been made to the main page and contact details page of this website to include details of how to raise issues with using travel facillities to aTOC and, where unresolved, escalation to the Rail Ombudsman.

30 November 2018

Priv Oyster on Heathrow Express

(Update 23 November 2018 - the planned launch of this on Sunday 25 November has been delayed. Once we receive a revised date, it will be published here.)

It is planned that from Sunday 25 November 2018, Priv Oyster cards can be used on Heathrow Express (HEx) services between Paddington and Heathrow Airport to travel at quarter rate of the adult pay-as-you-go single fares. The adult single pay-as-you-go public fares are currently £25.00 peak and £22.00 off-peak. The equivalent adult single pay-as-you-go priv fares are £6.25 peak and £5.50 off-peak.

Children under 16 travel free at all times on HEx, as long as they travel with a fare-paying adult. Customers travelling with children under 16 should ask HEx staff to open the ticket gate for them, to allow entry to the platform. Children who have a 5-10 or an 11-15 Zip Oyster photocard or a Young Visitor discount added to a standard retail Oyster card or to a Visitor Oyster card should not touch in or out. There is no limit to the number of accompanied children allowed to travel for free.

At Paddington, HEx trains usually depart from platforms 6 or 7. If a HEx train departs from a platform other then 6 or 7, the TfL Rail Paddington-Heathrow priv fare will be charged and customers will not be expected to pay more.

To enter the system using pay-as-you-go with a Priv Oyster card, customers need to have at least enough credit on their priv Oyster card for the entry threshold. The entry threshold is the minimum fare available from the departure station.

  • At Paddington, the Priv Oyster entry threshold for adults is a quarter of the adult pay-as-you-go public peak or off-peak fare.
  • At Heathrow Airport, there is a zero entry threshold, as travel between the airport terminals is free. Entry at Heathrow, using an Oyster card, will always be permitted, as long as the Oyster card is not in a negative balance.

Status Passes or Staff Travel Card dated boxes cannot be used for free travel on Heathrow Express services. They can however, be used on Heathrow Connect services operated by TfL Rail.

9 November 2018

Addition of Boundless to the Current Offers and Concessions page

Active and Retired Rail Staff are eligible to join Boundless. Boundless help their members get the most out of their free time by providing experiences, things to do and exclusive savings. Join today for 50% off annual membership (£13 for the first year, full membership is £26 annually) when you enter code RAILSTAFF18. 50% off offer available until 31 December 2018. Information has been added to the Current Offers and Concessions page.

6 November 2018

Additional FIP benefits from 1 January 2019

Rail Staff Travel are pleased to announce that agreement has been reached with Jungfraubahn in Switzerland and Koleje Wielkopolskie (Greater Poland Railways) for new FIP benefits.  The arrangement with Jungfraubahn has some complexity, and details of both agreements are available in the document: Additional FIP facilities from 1 Jan 2019.

The Travel Tips for Europe guide has been updated to reflect these changes.

24 October 2018

FIP coupons and the International Reduced Rate Card after Brexit

Rail Staff Travel is a member of FIP, an association within the UIC (International Union of Railways). This membership of FIP enables RST to issue FIP facilities (FIP coupons and the International Reduced Rate Card) on a reciprocal basis with the other FIP association members.

The RST membership of FIP is entirely unconnected to the United Kingdom's membership of the European Union. The FIP facilities currently enjoyed by active and retired staff, partners and dependants will continue after Brexit when the United Kingdom is no longer a member state of the European Union.

18 September 2018

International Coupons - Online Applications Accepted with 14 days' notice

The trial of accepting applications for International Coupons submitted electronically using the online forms on the website with 14 days' notice has been successful.

Applications for International Coupons using the online forms on this website are now accepted with 14 days' notice.

Applications for International Coupons using forms delivered to RST by post or e-mail still have a 21 day notice period requirement.

18 September 2018

Heathrow Connect

You can use your rail staff travel facilities (Staff Travel Card, TOC Privilege Card, Status Pass, TfL Privilege Oyster and Oyster Status Pass) on the whole of the former Heathrow Connect route between Paddington and Heathrow is operated by TfL Rail.

20 May 2018

Booking FIP Travel through International Rail

FIP travel is non-contractual and is based on a reciprocal exchange between European rail carriers. RST is not obliged to provide a booking service, nor to pay on behalf of staff any fees associated with this service.

However, Rail Staff Travel (RST) subsidise FIP travel booking by retaining the services of one specific agency. Currently this is International Rail Limited (IRL). As a result of continued reductions in commissions from the European rail companies, they charge a modest booking fee to Rail Staff Travel customers of £10 per booking.

Rail Staff Travel customers are of course always free to use whichever agency best suits your travel needs and preferences. International Rail continues to offer the widest range of international travel options across the market.

1 April 2018

Gold and Silver Status Passes - Northern Update

Both the Gold Status Pass and Silver Status Pass have been issued as SmartCards are expected to operate the gates at Smart-enabled stations.

As the roll-out of Smart-enabled gates across the national network continues, but specifically in the London and South East area, additional stations will be enabled that will allow holders to operate the gates using their Status Pass. The current situation is that the majority of London in-boundary TOC stations should be Smart-enabled allowing the Status Passes to operate. In addition, gates at outboundary stations on Greater Anglia, c2c, Southeastern, South Western Railway and some Northern stations will operate with further TOCs being enabled over the next few months.

The Northern stations now accepting Status Passes are: Barrow-in-Furness, Bolton, Bradford Forster Square, Glossop, Harrogate, Hartlepool, Liverpool Lime St, St Helens Central, Salford Central, Salford Crescent, Skipton, Warrington Central and Wigan Wallgate.

A definitive list of stations that are Smart-enabled is not currently available as this list changes frequently.

Please remember that you can still use your Status Pass as a "Show and Go" Pass at all valid locations that are not currently Smart-enabled.

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