Where Can I Go and Restrictions

Updated - 15 April 2019

These documents help you understand how and when you can use your Rail Staff Travel privileges.

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Staff travellers must ensure priority is given to fare-paying passengers. They should, whenever possible, seek to travel on lightly-loaded services. When this is not possible and travel is undertaken on a crowded train, they should stand back to allow fare-paying passengers to obtain seats.

Those eligible to travel in first class accommodation may be asked by on-train staff to vacate their first class seat in favour of a standing fare-paying passenger. Retired staff or widow(er)s will NOT be asked to vacate a first class seat in these circumstances.

Where Can I Go guides

Rail Staff Travel Guide for Non-Safeguarded staff
Use this guide if you joined rail employment on or after 1 April 1996. (Version 4 - updated 2 January 2019)

This guide also gives information about the type of travel facilities you and your dependants can enjoy in European countries. For more detailed information on how you can use that in each country, please check our Travel Tips for Europe Guide.
Rail Staff Travel Guide for Safeguarded staff
Use this guide if you joined rail employment on or before 31 March 1996. (Version 4 - updated 2 January 2019)

This guide also gives information about the type of travel facilities you and your dependants can enjoy in European and non-European countries. For more details information on how you can use the facilities in each European country, please check our Travel Tips for Europe Guide.

Staff Travel Restrictions in Great Britain

Staff Travel Restrictions - Winter 2018-19. Valid from 9 December 2018 to 18 May 2019
Restrictions on the use of travel facilities in Great Britain for staff, eligible family members. (updated 7 November 2018).

UPDATE - We have had confirmation from Cross Country that WiFi is now free on all of their services, so the restriction on staff travel facillity holders using the WiFi has been lifted. (updated 14 January 2019)

UPDATE - FIP facilities holders visiting Britain are no longer subject to these restrictions. (updated 5 February 2019)

Staff Travel in Europe and Restricted Services in Germany

Travel Tips for Europe 
This guide provides information on a country by country basis on where you can go and how to book. (Version 38 - updated 1 April 2019)

The facilities that you are eligible for in each country is covered in the Where Can I Go guides at the top of this page.

For more information about International Rail Ltd's services, phone them on 0333 003 0423 (charged as a local call from the UK - your call may be free as a part of your inclusive minutes on UK mobiles and landlines); email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go to www.bookmyrst.co.uk.
DB-AG Staff Travel Restrictions Winter 2018-19
Valid from 9 December 2018 to 8 June 2019.
Restrictions on the use of FIP facilities on DB-AG rail services in Germany. FIP free and discounted travel is not permitted on the trains listed. (updated 26 November 2018)

Visitors to Britain with FIP facilities

A Guide in English, French, German and Italian for visitors to Britian using FIP facilities
Guide pour les visiteurs à Grand Bretagne qui utilisent La Carte Internationale de réduction pour agents de chemin de fer (« La carte FIP »).
Führer für Besucher in Großbritanniens mit FIP-Einrichtungen
Guida per i visitatori in Gran Bretagna che utilizzano i servizi FIP
(Version 2 - Updated 15 April 2019)

Travel Irregularities

Travel Irregularities
Guidelines on what constitutes a Travel Irregularity, what penalties might apply, and how to avoid committing one.
Travel Irregularity reporting form
Form for Revenue Protection staff to report Travel Irregularities to Rail Staff Travel.

Leaving Railway Employment

What Happens When I Leave?
Guidelines on whether or not you might keep your national travel facilities when you leave the railway.
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